German Auto Tops is your resource for the very best Porsche seat covers, Porsche convertible tops, and Porsche headliners. We are a premium manufacturer of products that are made to fit your Porsche because they are made to exact Porsche OEM specs.
If you are searching for new Porsche seat covers, convertible tops and headliner, German Auto Tops has what you need. Our seat covers are not just pull-over covers—they are made to replace what you currently have and give your Porsche a factory original look. Computer-cut to the exact specifications of your car, these seat covers are guaranteed to fit. They are made with attention to detail with heavy duty stitching for durability, and these seat covers are high in both quality and style. You can choose the color and the material that is right for your vehicle.
German Auto Tops also offers Porsche Convertible Top for your Porsche vehicle that come already assembled and ready to be installed either by you or a professional installer. You can create the perfect Porsche convertible top to match your style by choosing the color and the finish material that you want. We offer the original factory material as well as some other great options so that you can get the exact look that you are searching for. All of our convertible tops are made to resist UV damage, mold, and mildew. Depending on your vehicle, the top either comes with a rear window sealed into the material or allows you to re-use your current rear window.
We also provide headliners and other accessories for your Porsche vehicle, and we are always happy to help you locate exactly what you are looking for. Be sure to contact us with any concerns or questions that you may have about any of our great products.