BMW Z3 Convertible Top Stayfast 1996-2002 M Roadster

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Product Description

•First Quality Haartz Stayfast® Cloth / Canvas with a plain cotton inner lining
•Precision cutting with automated computer guided equipment
•The entire top is cut from the same bolt of cloth for consistent color & pattern
•Stitched with matching colors using the finest bonded polyester threads
•DOT approved heavy .040 gauge sewn-in, tinted plastic window
•Factory style rain guard sewn-in along length of convertible top to direct water flow
•Factory style sewn-in plastic retainers pre-drilled for easy, accurate mounting
•Deck seams are heat sealed using specialized tape to eliminate heat seal press marks on exterior
•Windows are double stitched and include finish trim piping on the outside
•Front corners are reinforced with moisture resistance PVC for added durability

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